Brand Marketing

Rapha Women’s Ambassador Program


I’m proud to have launched the Rapha Women’s Ambassador Team in 2014, a successful marketing initiative for this brand that still runs today. The inaugural team was comprised of fourteen female cyclists from all over North America to represent the brand. These women ranged in ability and participation level but they all shared a strong passion for cycling, a high level of influence within their local and broader cycling communities, and are all incredibly dynamic in their own right. The women selected to represent Rapha had an opportunity to collectively bring change to the sport of women’s cycling. Every day, just being true to who they are as women and as cyclists, they incited new energy to cycling, changed perception in the sport and ultimately were helping to get more women riding bikes, which was one of Rapha’s larger goals. 


The Calling


I launched the 2014 Rapha Women’s Ambassador Team program with a 4-day event in Los Angeles called “The Calling”. The Calling draws it’s name from the idea that these women all consider cycling part of their calling and reason for being. This event was part training camp, part product education, and included a number of presentations around Ambassador roles and expectations. The women were treated to a new Rapha cycling wardrobe and some incredible gear from the program partners including all new Trek bikes for the season. Mixed in were some incredible hikes, private yoga sessions, and gourmet meals from well-known cycling chef Biju Thomas as well as some pretty empowering and connections and conversations around women’s cycling.  




An extended training camp for a select group of Rapha Ambassadors took place after the Ambassador team launch. I produced a 7-day cycling journey covering over 650 miles from Los Angeles to Sacramento supporting a team of 7 women brining attention and awareness to women’s cycling. We designed a route that covered all but one stage of the 2014 Amgen Tour of California race. This adventure truly showcased what the women of Rapha are all about – fearless, fun, committed, supportive and inspiring. To watch some of what these women accomplished be sure to check out the film Rapha Women: Tour of California Ride, which documents their ride.


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Editorial Direction 

I Make Things Happen

I was approached to launch a new magazine in the Fall of 2010 and from concept to nine complete issues distributed Internationally though Time Warner, I gave birth to what might be the accomplishment I am most proud of to date.  With no staff, little budget, a whole lot of ingenuity and hard work...I made it happen.

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Words Come Easy

I love to write. Business plans, advertising copy, press releases, you name it...I dig working with words.  But most of all I enjoy sharing stories.  I love discovering new people, places, concepts, ideas and crafting articles and copy that make you think and act. My work has been published in numerous magazines and I am currently working on my first book. 

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Pictures Make Me Happy

I grew up in front of the camera where I was fortunate enough to work for many years as a model in the U.S. and abroad.  I've always been comfortable around a camera and passionate about storytelling through images.  In the past few years I've had the opportunity to publish some of my photographs along with my stories and I consider it part of the journalism process.